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Wastewater pump for Australian food manufacturer

An Australian food manufacturer was looking for a reliable wastewater pump to replace a lobe pump at their manufacturing plant. The lobe pump they were using was unable to consistently handle solids, was unreliable and expensive to repair. To solve this issue, the Sydney based Food Company contacted Hydro Innovations to enquire about a suitable...

Sewage Pump Selected for Safety and Reliability

A NSW fruit juice manufacturer has recently selected Gorman-Rupp self priming pumps for their wastewater service. They selected Gorman-Rupp pumps because they were the safest option for their operators, and because they considered them the most economical solution, according to Gorman-Rupp distributors, Hydro Innovations. Gorman-Rupp pumps are...
self-priming pump

Major Australian Beverage Container Manufacturer Takes On A Self Priming Sewage Pump Station

A major Australian beverage container manufacturer has just taken delivery of a small self-priming sewage pump station. The sewage pumps, valves and inter-connecting piping needed to be corrosion resistant because of the low pH levels of the wastewater to be pumped. The plant also wanted the wastewater pumps to be located on top of the […]

EDUR DAF Pump Used in Upgrade

An EDUR DAF pump unit has been selected to replace a conventional system at a wastewater treatment plant in Darwin. The EDUR unit was selected because of its simplicity and expected energy and maintenance cost savings. Conventional systems require compressors, complicated controls and an air saturation pressure vessel. The compressor required...
Pump Industry PIA’s meeting

Getting technical at PIA’s Sydney Meeting

Hydro Innovations are very proud of our Pump Institute. We have been working on it for some time and the vision has finally become a reality.  We have a full size operational Sewage Pump Station with wet well and manhole to simulate what may occur at a “real” pump sewage pump station. We also have a glass face pump for demonstrations and...
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