Sludge Pumps

1OF 2 POND PUMP 2 T3A71S-B 5.5 KW

Abattoir Selects Gorman-Rupp Self Priming Pumps

An Australian abattoir recently took delivery of nine Gorman-Rupp self-priming pumps. It is understandable that they chose Gorman-Rupp wastewater pumps for their wastewater applications, but they also chose Gorman-Rupp pumps for their pond water transfer as well. All applications required self priming pumps, so the abattoir chose the most rugged...

Corrosion Resistant Self-Priming Wastewater Pump

The Gorman-Rupp range of Super T Series self-priming centrifugal wastewater pumps can be manufactured in CD4MCu. CD4MCu is a duplex stainless steel, which is more corrosion resistant than 316 grade stainless steel and up to 50% harder than 316. This makes the material extremely suitable for use when pumping water that is corrosive and abrasive.