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Hydro Innovations is able to provide a wide range of quality pumps in Australia to meet the requirements of many applications within the Chemical Industry. From abrasive and corrosive chemicals to liquids containing large solids, our self priming pumps and other products serve your chemical processing needs whilst offering safer, more cost-effective solutions in the following areas:

  • Wastewater pumping with Gorman-Rupp self priming centrifugal pumps. Capable of priming to depths of 7.6m, Gorman-Rupp pumps offer the best variety of materials for pumping aggressive wastewater from the Chemical manufacturing industry. Pumps can be supplied as “Stainless Steel Fitted”, “CD4MCu Fitted”, or pumps manufactured completely in CD4MCu [a duplex stainless steel]
  • Tanker Unloading can be done with Gorman-Rupp Rotary gear pumps. Thin or viscous fluids can be transferred at rates up to 2200 litres per minute. A variety of materials of construction enable the handling of a very wide range of chemicals.
  • Chemical transfer, including contaminated chemicals or fluids with solid particles, can be done effectively with Ragazzini peristaltic pumps. A variety of tubular elements enable a wide variety of chemicals to be transferred.
  • DAF systems can be improved by using EDUR DAF pumps that eliminate the need [and on-going maintenance expense] of air saturation vessels and compressors.
  • Grey water pumping with Gorman-Rupp Super U Series grey water pumps. Self priming pumps, with high head capabilities, and high efficiency. Easy to monitor and service.
  • Waste chemical sludge can be pumped effectively with Ramparts air driven diaphragm pumps. Only three wetted moving parts and an “indestructible” pump body make for a cost-effective life cycle. A variety of linings enable the pumping of abrasive and/or corrosive media.
  • Hot and cold water pumping with EDUR centrifugal pumps. Built from 92 years experience, EDUR centrifugal pumps are rugged in construction, with hand finished open impellers.