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Gorman Rupp Has Recently Purchased Venturi Aeration And Is Now Known As EchoStorm Aeration System

Gorman Rupp’s EchoStorm venturi aerator is an efficient, sustainable aeration solution. The EchoStorm aerator is:

  • Bank mounted (so much easier to access and maintain)
  • Safe to operate
  • Increased uptime and Reduced downtime due to easy maintenance
  • Very reliable and easy to use.

The EchoStorm is a venturi aerator installed on a Gorman-Rupp centrifugal pump. The venturi effect draws air into the EchoStorm body, and the mixed air and liquid are discharged, oxygenating the liquid.

System Benefits

With no moving parts, the EchoStorm is an extremely reliable device. Other aeration methods have moving parts that need constant maintenance, and if one part breaks down it can cause other parts to break down too. The simplicity of the EchoStorm system allows.

Municipal, Industrial and Agricultural Wastewater Treatment

The dissolved oxygen content in wastewater is the key to minimizing corrosion and odours. Corrosion and odours are usually caused by a lack of dissolved oxygen in the wet well of a lift station or collection system. Sulphide gases produce odours.

Gorman-Rupp’s EchoStorm can be installed in virtually any location throughout a treatment system, and often at a lower cost to other odor and corrosion control methods. Multiple installations throughout a system promote aerobic activity from start to finish.

Gorman-Rupp’s EchoStorm is a valuable addition to wastewater treatment. With the pumps, the EchoStorm can create low-pressure areas, thereby enhancing contact time between water and air. The result is better performance for wastewater treatment plants.

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