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Due to the success of venturi aerators in North America and Europe, more and more food manufacturers in Australia are using Echo-Storm venturi aerators to simplify their aeration systems because they are easier and safer to access, promoting routine maintenance.

Our Echo-Storm venturi aerators are used in conjunction with Gorman-Rupp pumps and can be mounted on the banks of basins or lagoons instead of needing to be installed in them.

The Echo-Storm requires no additional equipment, and no cranes or row boats to access equipment for servicing and maintenance.
Our venturi aeration solutions are not only reliable and efficient, it has resulted in improved efficiency and cost savings for our clients.

Below are just some of the benefits;
– Reliability
– Less downtime
– No cranes or row boats for maintenance
– Easy to access and maintain
– Low cost of ownership
– Algae control
– Odour control
– Very effective results

After installation of the Echo-Storm system, we have been notified by our clients of the great results the system has produced, even just within hours of operation. We have had many success stories and happy clients.

Below are a few case studies showcasing the success of these revolutionary aeration systems in operation;
Bega Cheese
Chicken Process Plant
Flying Fish Cove