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Wastewater Pumps for the mining industry

Hydro Innovations is able to provide a wide range of quality pumps to meet the requirements of many applications within the mining industry. Our products offer safer, more cost effective solutions in the following areas:-

  • Aerating Lagoons is made safer and more cost effective by Venturi-Aeration units. Reduce odours, strip CO2 and increase pH, reducing chemical use and eliminate the need for cranes or boats to access equipment.
  • DAF systems can be improved by using EDUR DAF pumps that eliminate the need [and on-going maintenance expense] of air saturation vessels and compressors.
  • Lubricant pumping with Gorman-Rupp’s rotary gear pumps. Positive displacement pumps that offer smooth flow and constant pressure, with materials that can handle abrasive media and high temperatures.
  • Slurry transfer can be simple and cost effective using a Ragazzini peristaltic pump.
  • Hot and cold water pumping with EDUR centrifugal pumps. Built from 92 years experience, EDUR centrifugal pumps are rugged in construction, with hand finished open impellers.
  • Lampo Emergency Response units are trailer mounted multi-purpose machines designed to speed up and simplify the deployment of emergency response equipment for municipalities, emergency services and contractors,  using only one vehicle.