Another AJ Bush Bromelton upgrade for better and safer aeration


AJ Bush Bromelton

Upgrade by AJ Bush Bromelton makes aeration safer

  • AJ Bush & Sons
  • Bromelton, QLD
  • 2022
  • Rendering Plant
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Gorman-Rupp Echo-Storm Aerator
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Project Background

AJ Bush and Sons operate the largest capacity rendering facility within Australia, and are located within the State Development area of Bromelton, Queensland. Meat by-products are processed through six different rendering process lines, and the company is the recipient of a Climate Alliance award for site emissions reduction.

The Issue

Not a company for resting on their laurels, when their treatment lagoon was not responding to the installed surface aerators, Plant Engineering Manager, Mr Byron Boyers, contacted Hydro Innovations for advice.

Solution – Gorman-Rupp Echo-Storm Aerator

Hydro Innovations recommended using two of their Gorman-Rupp Echo-Storm venturi aerators. These are bank mounted aerators that use self-priming pumps to ‘drive’ them. The required pump to drive these units was a Gorman-Rupp self-priming T10 [Super T Series] pump. This was perfect for Boyers, as he was able to repurpose a pump that the plant already had within its asset list, as it was already a Gorman-Rupp pump user.

The Benefits of using the Echo-Storm Aerator

Mr Boyers said that one of their first thoughts when selecting equipment is ease of access, and this was the beauty of the Echo-Storm venturi aeration system. He also said that due to unimpeded access, installation was a “breeze”.

The Results

Byron and his team are extremely happy with the outcome of the project. “The visual colour of the water and surrounding odour has significantly improved within a week after installation”.

Gorman-Rupp’s Echo-Storm venturi aerators are available in four sizes [50mm, 75mm, 100mm and 150mm] and are proving very popular with companies and organisations wanting to improve safety and reduce maintenance costs associated with running their aeration systems.

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