centrifugal pumps

EDUR Industry Bloc

The EDUR range of Industry Bloc close coupled centrifugal pumps are ideal for pumping water and other clean and slightly polluted fluids. They are compact in size, and available in a variety of materials of construction including cast iron, bronze and stainless steel.

Motors are either 2 pole or 4 pole, with IP55 enclosures, and insulation class F. Advantages include:

  • All Iron, All Bronze and All Stainless Steel construction
  • Flows to 165 l/s
  • Heads to 90m
  • Handle temperatures from -40oC to 140oC depending on model
  • Handle viscosity to 115 cSt
  • Handle solids content to 15%
  • Single and double mechanical seals available

EDUR Industry Bloc Centrifugal Pump – Performance

centrifugal pumps