sewage pump

ES 200×200

The Gorman-Rupp ES 200×200 is a low profile packaged sewage pump station with a specially designed fibreglass enclosure that is perfectly adapted to house all of the mechanical and electrical equipment for the complete station. The (two) sewage pumps in the station can either be Gorman-Rupp’s Super T or Ultra V Series sewage pumps. The interior layout of the enclosures is designed to facilitate any service work that needs to be done on the sewape pumps or valves.  Flows to 75 l/s for a single pump can be achieved, while the station sits on a footprint of 2.1m x 2.1m. Advantages include:

50 Years of Gorman Rupp Lift Stations

Submersible pump vs. Above-Ground Gorman-Rupp pump



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