peristaltic pumps

ES Emergency Bypass

Emergency bypass auto-start sewage pump units are designed to operate when mains power is unavailable because of storms or other forces. They are available with flow rates from 3 l/s through to 250 l/s, are diesel powered and mounted in a vandal resistant acoustic enclosure. They have a completely independent level control system and take over when the main pumps in the station are unable to pump due to power failure, control panel failure, sewage pump failure or for any other reason.

Gorman-Rupp emergency auto-start sewage pump units are used instead of emergency power generation at sewage pump stations because of their versatility. Advantages include:

  • Pumping capability when power is unavailable
  • Use smaller engines than generators because starting current does not need to be factored in
  • Can be used as the standby pump for the main station if one of the submersible pumps is down for repairs
  • No load banks or automatic switch gear are required
  • No modifications to existing control panels are necessary
  • Hi-tech controls include telemetry warnings for faults and low fuel
  • Can be fitted with Gorman-Rupp Ultra V Series, Super T Series or PA Series grey water pumps.