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O Series

The Gorman-Rupp O Series range of self priming centrifugal pumps and fuel pumps are heavy duty, quick priming pumps designed for non-stop workloads. With multi-vane impellers and a “straight-in” suction design, the O Series delivers high efficiencies and quick positive self priming when handling water, petroleum products, solvents and similar liquids. Advantages include:

  • Ability to mount high and dry above the wet well [not in it]
  • Capital cost savings over wet well/ dry well constructions
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Easy access for monitoring or service
  • Vapour handling ability reduces chances of vapour-lock when handling fuel

O Series Fuel Pump – Performance

  • Flows: 5 l/s – 80 l/s
  • Heads: 5m – 130m
  • Solids: None
  • Size: 2″, 3″, 4″, 6″+ 8″
  • Priming: Self-priming. Not re primer
  • Application: Clean Water + Fuel

fuel pumps australia

O Series Fuel Pump – Special Features

High-Efficiency Impeller
High efficiency, closed impeller. Brass or aluminium construction as standard. Other metals available for special applications.
fuel pumps australia
Long Life Seals
O Series pumps are available with self-lubricated mechanical shaft seals for dependability and long life. Viton/Fluoro elastomers are standard. Teflon and double seals available on some model. Consult factory for special applications.
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Straight-In Suction Design
O Series pumps have a straight-in suction design which eliminates entrance restrictions and provides better performance when handling petroleum products, solvents and similar liquids.
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