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Grey Water Pump

Super U Series

The Gorman-Rupp Super U Series self priming centrifugal pumps combines the best features of quality trash pumps with increased efficiency and higher heads to pump through smaller and/or longer discharge piping systems or overcome the losses in filter systems. They have been designed for economical, heavy duty (24/7) trouble-free operation. These grey water pumps are capable of delivering capital cost savings to filter feed, reverse osmosis or any grey water pumping applications. Advantages include:

Super U Series Grey Water Pump – Performance

  • Flows: 5 l/s – 75 l/s
  • Heads: 5m – 60m
  • Solids: to 32mm spheres (not stringy)
  • Size: 3″, 4″ + 6″
  • Priming: Guaranteed Re-Primer
  • Application: Effluent, Grey Water and Dirty Water

Super U Series Grey Water Pump – Special Features

External Shimless Adjustment

Gorman-Rupp Super U series grey water pumps offer external shim-less adjustment of the impeller/wear plate clearance. This easy process keeps wastewater pumps at their peak efficiency and minimises blockages generally associated with stringy material being caught in “open” tolerances. The unique collar and adjusting screw allow for incremental adjustments of the wear plate clearance with the turn of a hand.

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Exclusive Gorman-Rupp Cartridge Seal

Super U series grey water pumps come standard with Gorman-Rupp‘s exclusive double floating, self aligning, oil lubricated mechanical cartridge seal with faces of silicon carbide. Seals have 316 Stainless Steel stationary seat, fluorocarbon elastomers and 18-8 Stainless Steel cage and spring.

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Solids Handling Impeller

Although producing high heads and high efficiencies for a self priming pump, the Super U grey water pump can handle limited solids (up to 32mm spheres – depending on model). They are constructed of ductile iron to resist impact from foreign material.

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Removable Cover Plate

Super U series grey water pumps have a large removable cover plate to access pump internals for clearing blockages or for maintenance of the impeller, wear plate, flap valve or Mechanical seal.

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Self Priming

Super U Series pumps are true self primers. After being filled with liquid, Super U Series pumps are guaranteed to prime and (more importantly) re-prime every time. They will do this on suction lifts up to 7.6metres above the liquid level.

Super U Series pumps are ideal for continuous, unattended, automatic operation in municipal and industrial effluent (limited solids handling) pumping duties.




High and Dry

Gorman-Rupp self priming centrifugal pumps can be mounted “high and dry” above the sump liquid level. No need for (submersible) pumps to be in the liquid being pumped (wearing and corroding from the inside and the outside). This means there are no guide rails to maintain, no [leaking?] discharge bend to maintain/replace, and no need to open wet well lids and expose operators to falls.

Self priming pumps also virtually eliminate confined spaces issues and eliminate the need for lifting devices such as cranes or hoists, because pumps are at the surface [ground level], so are easy to access for monitoring and maintenance.

Reduced WH&S

Using Gorman-Rupp self priming pumps can reduce WHS issues associated with pumping applications. Because pumps are located at “ground level”, high and dry above the wet well [not in it], pumps are easily accessed by operators for monitoring, maintenance or repair. Some of the identified risks that can be reduced or eliminated include:

        • Working over water
        • Working at heights
        • Working with cranes
        • Working with heavy swinging weights

Other OH&S issues can also be eliminated with the use of self primers. Unlike submersible pumps, self priming pumps do not need guide rails and discharge base elbows that will need service and replacement over the life of the installation, requiring confined spaces entry and the associated dangers. Submersible pumps also need chains to raise them to the surface. These chains can become corroded and weakened over time, creating a potential danger to operators lifting them.

Easy Access

Because Gorman-Rupp self priming pumps are located at ground level, high and dry above the liquid level, they are easy to access for monitoring, service and repair.

Whereas submersible pumps can only be accessed by opening wet well lids [exposing operators to “working at heights” and “working over water”] and winching or craning pumps to the surface [exposing operators to “working with swinging weights”], operators can access Gorman-Rupp self primers at ground level.

End suction pumps will often need a “dry well” which is accessed by going down stairs or a ladder. They need isolation valves on the suction. This makes them more difficult to access than Gorman-Rupp self primers.

Pump Operator Safety

Duty of Care

It is incumbent upon designers, engineers and asset owners to provide the safest possible environment for operators of pumping equipment. For effluent pump operators, a danger that is ever present is that of falling into open wet well pits. Even covered wells need to be opened for pump maintenance. This risk is unavoidable when using submersible pumps, because the pumps are at the bottom of the wet wells. When pumps choke or need maintenance, safety lids need to be opened and operators are exposed to falls. This is a serious risk, with potential of serious injury or even death.

This risk can be greatly reduced or even eliminated by using Gorman-Rupp Super U Series self priming effluent pumps, because they can be placed high and dry above the wet well, with no need to ever open wet well lids to expose operators to the risk of falling or drowning.

Pump Safety Features

Gorman-Rupp Super U Series pumps also have other safety features. A safety pressure relief valve in the pump will vent any excessive pressure build-up. As a back-up to this, the suction check valve has a burst disc that will “pop” if for some reason the pressure relief valve malfunctions (venting any pressure build-up back to the wet well).

Maintenance Features

Gorman-Rupp Super U Series self priming pumps have been designed to be the easiest and most cost effective effluent pumps to service and maintain. The following features make life easier for operators and very cost effective for asset owners:

Easy Blockage Removal

All pumps will eventually choke on something. But unlike submersible pumps that require cranes, safety barriers and several operators, Super U Series pumps have a large removable cover-plate, allowing access to pump internals in minutes, by just one operator, making blockage removal a quick and easy task.

Easy and Simple Clearance Adjustment

Most centrifugal pumps have radial clearances between impeller and wear rings. Gorman-Rupp Super U Series pumps have axial clearances that are adjusted through external adjusting screws on the cover-plate. One operator with 2 spanners can adjust clearances in just 4 minutes. Adjusting clearances on some submersible pumps could take several operators most of an entire day.

Easy and Simple Wear Plate Replacement

Wear plates on a Gorman-Rupp Super U can be replaced in just a few minutes. Operators just remove the pump inspection cover, and replace the wear plate which is bolted to it via 4 studs. Compare this to some centrifugal and submersible pumps, having wear rings that often require heating the casing ring and/or cooling the wear ring, and often requiring the chiselling off of the old one.

Easy Major Overhaul

The major wearing components in a Gorman-Rupp Super U form part of the rotating assembly. This includes the seal, bearings, impeller and seal plate. This “cartridge” is easily replaced on a Super U, without needing to take it back to the workshop or even remove the pump from the piping system. Operators simply remove the old rotating assembly by removing 4 bolts, then “plug in” the new one. The old one can then be taken back to the workshop where operators can take their time to replace any worn parts and then use the repaired rotating assembly as a back-up spare.

Materials of Construction

Gorman-Rupp pumps can be purchased in a variety of materials of construction, to suit the liquid being pumped.

The following table shows the available materials of construction of the Wastewater and effluent pump series.

Pump Series Standard Cast Iron HDI Fitted 316SS Fitted CD4MCu Fitted Complete CD4MCu Complete HDI High Chrome Impeller
Ultra V
Super T
Super U
10 Series
80 Series

‘* Denoted all models

‘# Denotes some models

“Fitted” refers to pumps that are supplied with the standard construction pump, but fitted with special material impeller, wear plate, seal plate and shaft.

“HDI” is Gorman-Rupp’s “Hard Iron”. This material is used to resist the action of abrasive materials such as grit. This material has a Brinell hardness of approximately 400, making it approximately twice as hard as cast iron.

316SS is a marine grade stainless steel, used for service where liquids are corrosive. It has a PREN [Pitting Resistance Equivalent Number] of 27.1 and a Brinell hardness of approximately 217.

CD4MCu is a Duplex Stainless Steel, used where services are corrosive and abrasive. It has a PREN of 32.1 and a hardness of 280-300 on the Brinell scale.

High Chrome impellers, available in Super T Series models T3, T4 and T6 have a brinell hardness of approximately 650 and is an excellent material choice for highly abrasive service.

The following table shows the available materials of construction of the clean water and fuel handling pumps pump series.

Pump Series Cast Iron Construction Cast Steel Construction Cast Aluminium Construction Bronze Fitted Aluminium Impeller Ductile Iron Casing
0 Series
Roto Prime


Gorman-Rupp G Series [rotary gear pumps] are available in the following materials of construction:

  • All Iron (including Ductile iron rotors – 2.5 times the strength of cast iron)
  • All Steel
  • All stainless steel
  • Extreme Duty fitted (hardened components to resist wear)