Super U Series

The Gorman-Rupp Super U Series self priming centrifugal pumps combines the best features of quality trash pumps with increased efficiency and higher heads to pump through smaller and/or longer discharge piping systems or overcome the losses in filter systems. They have been designed for economical, heavy duty (24/7) trouble-free operation. These grey water pumps are capable of delivering capital cost savings to filter feed, reverse osmosis or any grey water pumping applications. Advantages include:

Super U Series Grey Water Pump – Performance

  • Flows: 5 l/s – 75 l/s
  • Heads: 5m – 60m
  • Solids: to 32mm spheres (not stringy)
  • Size: 3″, 4″ + 6″
  • Priming: Guaranteed Re-Primer
  • Application: Effluent, Grey Water and Dirty Water

Super U Series Grey Water Pump – Special Features

External Shimless Adjustment

Gorman-Rupp Super U series grey water pumps offer external shim-less adjustment of the impeller/wear plate clearance. This easy process keeps wastewater pumps at their peak efficiency and minimises blockages generally associated with stringy material being caught in “open” tolerances. The unique collar and adjusting screw allow for incremental adjustments of the wear plate clearance with the turn of a hand.

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Exclusive Gorman-Rupp Cartridge Seal

Super U series grey water pumps come standard with Gorman-Rupp‘s exclusive double floating, self aligning, oil lubricated mechanical cartridge seal with faces of silicon carbide. Seals have 316 Stainless Steel stationary seat, fluorocarbon elastomers and 18-8 Stainless Steel cage and spring.

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Solids Handling Impeller

Although producing high heads and high efficiencies for a self priming pump, the Super U grey water pump can handle limited solids (up to 32mm spheres – depending on model). They are constructed of ductile iron to resist impact from foreign material.

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Removable Cover Plate

Super U series grey water pumps have a large removable cover plate to access pump internals for clearing blockages or for maintenance of the impeller, wear plate, flap valve or Mechanical seal.

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