Grey Water Pump

Ultra V Series

The Gorman-Rupp Ultra V Series grey water pump is the most advanced self priming centrifugal pump range on the market today. They are high performance, high head, and high efficiency wastewater pumps, designed to deliver a long and low maintenance service life, with low cost of ownership. Advantages of the Ultra V Series grey water pump include:

Ultra V Series Grey Water Pump – Data Sheets

V Series Wastewater Sewage Pump – Data Sheets


3″ (80mm) (4″ x 3″)

4″ (100mm) (6″ x 4″)

6″ (150mm) (8″ x 6″)

Medium Head
Single Stage

High Head
Single Stage

High Head
Two Stage

Submersible pump vs. Above-Ground Gorman-Rupp pump

Ultra V Series Grey Water Pump – Overview

Ultra V Series Grey Water Pump – Performance

  • Flows: 10 l/s – 100 l/s
  • Heads: 5m – 100m (+)
  • Solids: 76mm spheres + Stringy
  • Size: 3″, 4″, 6″
  • Priming: Guaranteed Re-Primer
  • Application: Effluent to Trash and Sewage

grey water pump

grey water pumps

Ultra V Series Grey Water Pump – Special Features

Solids-Handling Impeller

The heavy-duty balanced, two-vane, semi-open ductile iron impellers provide maximum life. Pump-out vanes on the back shroud reduce foreign material build-up behind the impeller, minimising pressure on the seal and maximising bearing life.

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Patented Cartridge Seal

Gorman-Rupp’s double floating, self aligning, oil-lubricated mechanical seal is specifically designed for abrasive and/or trash handling applications. The silicon carbide faces and extra large seal oil chamber provide superior dry-run capability. The patented cartridge design also allows for accurate and easy installation.

submersible pumps

Replaceable Wear Plate

A replaceable wear plate has Gorman-Rupp’s patent-pending, self-cleaning design to ensure that debris is cleared away and does not collect on the impeller vanes. This innovative design reduces life cycle costs by minimising blockages.

grey water pump

Anti-Rotation Ribs

All Ultra V Series grey water pumps come standard with anti-rotation ribs within the seal chamber area, reducing internal wear and maximising seal life.

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Patented External Shim-less Adjustment System

The shim-less cover plate adjustment allows for accurate maintenance of the clearance between the impeller and wear plate, without realigning belts, couplings or other drive components. Once adjustments have been made, the unique collar and adjusting screw maintains the clearance setting even if the cover plate is removed. Peak efficiency is maintained, while doubling the life of the impeller and wear plate. The life of the wear plate is maximised with the combination of the shim-less cover adjustment and the additional rotating assembly spacers.

 grey water pumps


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