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Self Cleaning Sump by Gorman-Rupp

Self Cleaning Sump

The Gorman-Rupp Self Cleaning Sump (SCS) is a revolution in wastewater pump station wet well design. The SCS is an easy to install sloping collector pipe (fabricated from heavy duty HDPE) that is directly connected to the control manhole, and used in conjunction with Gorman-Rupp self priming sewage pumps.

The Self Cleaning Sump has been designed to replace the conventional cylindrical wet well and to remove the flaws associated with this current design. The negatives of the conventional design are considered to be the amount of intervention (number of personnel per call and the number of calls) required with these stations, the risks to operators associated with accessing the wet well for blockage removal and maintenance, and the longevity and reliability of equipment.

The aim of the SCS design is to:


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