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Ramparts iPC Series Air Driven Diaphragm Pumps

The Ramparts iPC Series range of single acting air operated diaphragm pumps and slurry pumps take over where other pumps fail. In applications where progressive cavity pumps or lobe pumps wear prematurely or double diaphragm pumps struggle, Ramparts extra heavy duty  pumps step up.  Advantages include:

  • Integrated Pneumatic Controls
  • Self priming pump to 6 metres
  • Handle slurries to 70% solids by volume
  • Superior solids handling design
  • Run Dry indefinitely
  • Dead-head without damage
  • Re-build diaphragm pumps for 15% of their purchase price (not 80% like some PD pumps)
  • Improved maintenance features  to greatly reduce maintenance time and costs
  • A variety of materials of construction  to handle abrasive and/or corrosive fluids, including a variety of diaphragm materials and pump linings
  • Flows to 600 litres per minute with models from 1½” through to 4”
  • Heads to 65 metres

Ramparts iPC Series Slurry Pumps – Performance

  • Flows:  0.5 l/s – 20 l/s
  • Heads: 3m – 60m
  • Solids: to 76mm
  • Size: 1-1/2″, 2″, 3″, 4″+ 6″
  • Priming: Self-Priming Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps
  • Application: Specialists Sludge Pump and Slurry Pump

ipc series performance

Ramparts iPC Series Slurry Pumps – Special Features

Heavy-Duty Construction for Longer Life The rugged construction and extra-thick pump casing of Gorman-Rupp Air Operated Diaphragm pumps stand up to the abuses of the most demanding sludge pump and slurry applications. They overcome the “high wear” problem commonly found in double diaphragm pumps and progressive cavity pumps. They are capable of operating dry, on suction lifts up to 20 feet, and handling high solids content up to approximately 70%.
Minimal Maintenance and Repairs Air Operated Diaphragm pumps have only three moving parts so maintenance and service are minimal. Replacement of pump diaphragm can be accomplished in about one hour without disconnecting piping. Check valves can also be quickly and easily cleaned out using “twist lok” handles. No special tools required.

Ramparts iPC Series Slurry Pumps – Video

Ramparts iPC Series Slurry Pumps – Data Sheets

Extra Heavy Duty

Ramparts P and iPC Series of single acting air driven diaphragm pumps are built tough. Here’s what
makes them the toughest sludge or slurry pumping choice:

  • Extra thick cast iron casings (up to 32mm thick – depending on pump model)
  • Separately constructed cast iron ball check valves (not just part of the discharge piping)
  • Bigger, thicker, heavier diaphragms.
  • Replaceable ball seats

Ramparts iPC Integrated Controls

The Ramparts iPC pump has a plug & play “Integrated Pneumatic Control” system. This system allows operators to adjust suction stroke speed so that pump operation can be matched with the characteristics of the fluid being pumped as well as the individual suction characteristics of the application. Speed control of the discharge stroke also allows the pump to be “tuned” to the application.

No other power is required to drive the pump or any of its parts.

Superior Solids Handling

The rugged construction and extra-thick casing of RamParts air-driven diaphragm pumps stand up to the abuses of the most demanding sludge and slurry applications. They overcome the “high-wear” problem commonly found in double diaphragm and progressive cavity pumps.

They also handle larger solids than most air driven pumps, and many other styles of positive displacement pumps. The 15P and 20P will handle 25mm spherical solids through their ball check valves, the 30P and 40P will handle a 28mm spherical solid and the 60P will handle a 63mm sphere. If ball check valves are replaced with full passage flap valves, solids handling capacities can increase to equal pump suction/ discharge size.

RamParts pumps will handle abrasive and/or corrosive slurries, shear sensitive slurries, delicate crystal slurries, and slurries with up to 75% solids.

RamParts Maintenance Features

Having only 3 moving “wetted” parts, the RamParts diaphragm pump is very easy to maintain.
The ball valves are easily accessed (without tools) for inspection or choke removal. Ball checks are also easily replaced the same way.Diaphragms are also easily replaced with the aid of the (optional) “SidekickTM”.
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Because parts replacement is simple, and the major wearing parts consist of just a diaphragm, two ball checks, two seats and two gaskets, the cost of a complete overhaul is just a fraction of that of
most other positive displacement pump types where the likes of rotors and stators are very expensive (not to mention difficult to remove and replace).

Ramparts Materials of Construction

Ramparts Diaphragm pumps are available with diaphragms and ball valves in the following materials:

MaterialTemperature Limits  (oC)Suitable Applications
Hypalon-23 to 93Moderate chemical resistance, for general purpose
Neoprene-23 to 93Moderate chemical resistance, good for fats, grease and solvents
Nordel (EPDM)-40 to 137Excellent for low temperature and dilute acids
Nitrile (Buna-N)-23 to 87General purpose for oils, water and hydraulic fluids
Viton-40 to 149Excellent chemical resistance. Poor flex life for diaphragms
Dura-XL (Santoprene)-40 to 107Excellent chemical and abrasion resistance
Dura-S (Hytrel)-28 to 104Excellent abrasion resistance, FDA material, general purpose


Consult the Ramparts chemical resistance chart for specific chemicals.The following are the available materials for pump construction:

PumpConstructionLining material
15PDuctile IronNeoprene, Nordel, Nitrile and ETFE*
20PDuctile Iron + 316SSNeoprene, Nordel, Nitrile and ETFE*
30PDuctile IronNeoprene, Nordel, Nitrile and ETFE*
40PDuctile IronNeoprene, Nordel, Nitrile and ETFE*
60PDuctile IronN/A
15iPCDuctile IronETFE* only
20iPCDuctile IronNeoprene, Nordel, Nitrile and ETFE*
30iPCDuctile IronNeoprene, Nordel, Nitrile and ETFE*
40iPCDuctile IronNeoprene, Nordel, Nitrile and ETFE*


ETFE is a fluoropolymer (aka – Tefzel). It is the best lining material for chemical and abrasive resistance in acid and organic slurries.