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Venturi Aerator

The Venturi Aerator features a classic design for modern applications. Whether you need a complete replacement or simply an enhancement to your existing system, the Venturi Aerator offers an innovative and convenient approach to your aeration needs.

Applications include:

  • Odour Control
  • Sludge Digestion
  • Wastewater Aeration
  • Lake Destratification
  • Septage treatment
  • …and many others

These aeration units are used in conjunction with Gorman-Rupp self priming centrifugal pumps to deliver solutions with the following advantages:

Venturi Aerator – Performance


Venturi Aerator – Video

Simple, Uncomplicated Design 

When Venturi Aerators are used with Gorman-Rupp pumps, there is no need for pontoons, walkways, intricate retrieval systems, or special sumps. Pumps and Aeration system are mounted on simple concrete plinths on the side of lagoons or on the side of tanks.

Easy to Install 

Because they are mounted on lagoon banks, most of the installation work is done outside of the lagoon.


The Vernuri Aeration system is the most efficient use of energy to transferring oxygen. The following are Actual O2 Transfer Ratings [AOTR’s] for various mechanical aeration devices in kg/kW/hr:

  • – Venturi Aerator 1.65  –  1.85
  • – Surface aerator w/draft tube 0.73  –  1.27
  • – Surface high speed 0.73  –  1.21
  • – Submerged turbine 0.61  –  1.21
  • – Submerged turbine/sparger 0.73  –  1.09
  • – Surface brush and blade 0.48  –  1.09

Easy to Maintain 

Because all the mechanical equipment is located outside of lagoons or tanks, pumps and the Venturi Aerator are easily accessed for maintenance. No need for boats to get to the equipment, or long and expensive walkways, or for long cable and winch systems to drag pontoons in.

Gorman-Rupp pumps are the easiest pumps to maintain, and the Venturi Aerator has no moving parts, and just a few bolts to access liner or nozzle.

Low cost of Ownership 

Because Venturi Aeration systems are on the “bank”, there is no requirement for cranes, multiple operators using boats or winches and no need to remove equipment from service. One operator can perform routing [or major] maintenance events with basic hand tools in minutes, not hours. This has a tremendous effect on the “bottom line” when extrapolated over years of service.

Safe for Operators 

Operators do not need to row in boats to a Venturi Aeration system and they don’t have to walk across narrow planks to “board” their aeration system. The work does not need to be done in the middle of a lagoon. Operators can safely access a Venturi Aerator and its pump.