Gorman-Rupp ES 7x10 Lift Station

Gorman-Rupp ES 7×10 Lift Station

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The Gorman-Rupp ES 7×10 above ground sewage pump station sits on a 3.1m x 2.1m footprint. It contains two electrically driven sewage pumps, motors, controls, all valving, and all interconnecting piping. It is a fully customizable, pre-engineered package that comes to site with only power and piping connection required.

Advantages include:

  • Lower civil costs/ engineering
  • Lower operational costs (above-ground = easy to access)
  • Greatly reduced WH&S issues (No confined spaces entry, use of cranes or open wet wells)
  • No mechanical equipment in the wet well
  • With air-bubbler level controls, no electrical equipment in the wet well
  • Controls can be mounted in the station or mounted beside it
  • Controls can be Gorman-Rupp or owner specified
  • Easy access through the two-way sliding cover or through a personnel door equipped with vandal-resistant hardware
  • 5-Year warranty on every component in the packaged station.

The Pumps
Stations are equipped with two Super T Series® [T2, T3, T4, T6 or T8] or two Ultra V Series® [V3A, V3B, V4, or V6] self-priming centrifugal pumps. Pumps with 100mm suction and larger, can pass a 76mm spherical solid, and can also be provided with “Eradicator” technology to minimize blockages by stringy materials such as rags, wet wipes, matted hair etc.

Valves and Piping
Pump stations come fully equipped with non-return valves, isolation valves and air release valves. They also have all inter-connecting piping, suction bends, suction and discharge gauges, and pump casing drain kits. All valves are easy to access for service [being at ground level].

Controls can be customer-specified, or can be supplied as part of the package by Gorman-Rupp. Gorman-Rupp can build controls to match site-requirements including DOL, soft starters or VFD control, and have a proprietary [InteGRinex™] liquid level control with air bubbler system.

All station equipment fits inside a neat, Quonset-type low-silhouette fiberglass cover that blends with its surroundings, with two basic colours to choose from. The unique two-way sliding cover provides easy access for maintenance or service. The enclosure is resistant to corrosion, mildew, fungus, mould and vandalism. A thermostatically controlled ventilator fan and station lighting are standard.

Each pump is tested individually to meet customer requirements. After the station is assembled with its piping and valves, the station is tested as a package to site conditions to ensure every component [pumps, valves, controls] delivers the required performance, ensuring that the pump station that leaves the factory will deliver what is needed on site.

Specifications & Brochures

Pump Size : 80 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm

Max Capacity: 158 lps

Max Head: 49 m

Max Solids: 76 mm

Max Temperature: 71 C

Motor – Voltage: 415V

Motor – Cycles: 60 Hz

Horsepower: 1.49kW – 37.285kW

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