EDUR LPG Transfer Pumps – high efficiencies and low noise

EDUR LPG Transfer Pumps – high efficiencies and low noise

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The EDUR range of Multistage Liquid Gas (LPG) pumps can deliver flows to 45 l/s and pressures to 14 bar (to go to 90 l/s and 40 bar in the not too distant future). These technically superior pumps deliver high efficiencies, low noise levels, low NPSH and reduced axial and radial forces. They also offer less wear than sliding vane pumps and higher efficiencies than side channel pumps. Pumps are ideal for transfer systems and for loading and unloading ships, rail cars, trucks etc.

Motors are 2 pole with IP55 enclosures, and insulation class F and conform to ATEX 94/9/EC. Advantages include:

Advantages include:

  • Nodular Cast Iron or All Stainless Steel construction
  • Able to handle liquid-gas mixtures (outgassing)
  • Flows to 45 l/s (soon to double)
  • Heads to 23 bar (soon to go to 40 bar)
  • Handle temperatures from -40oC to 110oC depending on model
  • Balanced Single and double mechanical seals available as well as magnetic coupling

Motor options include:

  • ATEX 112G EExe llT3
  • ATEX 112G EExde llCT4

Certificates and Reports include:

  • Declaration of conformity according 94/9/EC (ATEX)
  • Gost-R Certification
  • Test Certificate DIN EN 10204 – 2.2
  • Acceptance Test Certificate DIN EN 10204 – 3.1

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Watch videos sub heading goes here to introduce the videos. The ABC pump is especially equipped for ABC industry, XYZ industry, and versatile for something else.

Why Choose Above Ground Pumps?

Gorman-Rupp above ground pumps are safer, easier to operate and maintain and are more cost effective than a conventional submersible pump system.

With Gorman-Rupp Above ground pumps:

  • Installation and maintenance is simple and cost effective
  • Only 1 operator is needed to maintain the pump
  • No wet well is needed

See how to convert your system to a Gorman-Rupp above ground system. Ask Our team »

Why Choose a Bank Mounted Pump?

Venturi bank mounted systems are simple, safe and cost effective to operate. This video shows a Venturi Aerator and a Gorman-Rupp 86B3 wastewater pump at an abattoir wastewater lagoon.

Benefits of this bank mounted system:

  • Easy maintenance
  • Safe for operators
  • Effective results for multiple applications

See how Venturi can solve your aeration needs. Ask Our team »

Our expert team is standing by for any questions you have about how best to configure your pump system.

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OneHarvest love their Gorman-Rupp pump
Application: Wastewater
Industry: Food & Beverage
Region: QLD
Super T Series Gorman-Rupp self-priming pump

Project Showcase: One Harvest

Food manufacturer looks to Hydro Innovations to solve its wastewater challenge.

Feedback from the plant was “We couldn’t be happier with this pump and it’s become the standard that we will use going forward” and “One of the best things we have done”.

The pump has performed so well, the plant is instigating a policy to replace their other submersible pumps with Gorman-Rupp self-priming pumps.

Read the full case study »

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Data Sheets

Download the specifications to find the perfect pump for your project:

Pump Construction

2″ [50mm] + 3″ [80mm]

4″ [100mm] + 6″ [150mm]

8″ [200mm] + 10″ [250mm]

Ready to build the perfect pump system for your project? We’re standing by to help.

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EDUR Torque Flow Pump Performance

The EDUR range of Torque Flow pumps with Vortex Impellers are capable of handling spherical solids up to 80mm in diameter.

The EDUR Torque-Flow (FUB) range of close-coupled centrifugal pumps have vortex impellers and are capable of handling spherical solids up to 80mm in diameter. Abrasion-resistant protective linings of ceramic and polyurethane are also available.

EDUR Torque Flow Bloc FUB performance

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Special Features and Pump Benefits

What’s the coolest aspect about the features and pump benefits? What pain point do these address?


Solids-Handling Impeller

The heavy-duty balanced, two-vane, semi-open ductile iron impellers provide maximum life. Pump-out vanes on the back shroud reduce foreign material build-up behind the impeller, minimising pressure on the seal and maximising bearing life.


Patented Cartridge Seal

Gorman-Rupp’s double floating, self aligning, oil-lubricated mechanical seal is specifically designed for abrasive and/or trash handling applications. The silicon carbide faces and extra large seal oil chamber provide superior dry-run capability. The patented cartridge design also allows for accurate and easy installation.


Removable Rotating Assembly

Gorman-Rupp Super T series wastewater pumps are designed with a removable rotating element. This assembly can be removed and replaced in minutes without disconnecting piping or disturbing motor alignment.


Removable Cover Plate

All Super T series pumps have a large removable cover plate for accessing pump internals for the quick removal of blockages. Check valves, impellers and wear plates can also be replaced through this cover.

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EDUR DAF and mulitphase pumps

Hydro Innovations is proud to be the sole distributor of EDUR pumps in Australia.

EDUR is a leading German pump manufacturing company, specialising in high-quality industrial centrifugal pumps. EDUR produces pumps for industries such as the food process industry and the municipal industry. Their pumps are customised to suit a range of applications including hot and cold water pumping, wastewater, LPG pumping, dissolved air flotation and refrigerant pumping.

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