Ragazzini Rotho Peristaltic Pump

Ragazzini Rotho Peristaltic Pump

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Ragazzini Peristaltic Pump are at the cutting edge of “Hose Pump” design and have the features to make pumping easier. They consist of an elastomeric tube that is squeezed along its length by rollers that push the fluid contained within. This creates a gentle pumping action that doesn’t cause damage to the product.

Further advantages include:

  • Handle a range of applications, including food products, abrasives, chemicals, sludge, and solids
  • High performance including pressures to 15 BAR, reversible flow, and suction lifts
  • Run dry without damage
  • No seals or valves to clog or fail/replace
  • Only one part [the hose] comes in contact with the pumped media.
  • No [expensive] messy fluid lubricant in the casing
  • Easy maintenance including easy hose replacement and easy leak detection
  • CIP with retractable rollers
  • Greater operator safety
  • Easy access for monitoring or service
  • A variety of hose materials to handle food, pharmaceuticals, abrasive and/or corrosive fluids


Watch how the versatile Ragazzini Peristaltic pump is equipped for a wide range of industries including food, wastewater including transferring thick sludge, yet gentle and versatile enough to pump whole grape bunches.

Ragazzini Peristaltic Pump Applications




This video shows the different applications that Ragazzini Peristaltic Pump pumps can be used. Ragazzini Peristaltic hose pumps can pump:

  • Foods
  • Abrasives
  • Fluids with solid parts
  • Viscous products
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Chemicals

Watch The Ragazzini Hose Pump In Action - Winery



Ragazzini wine pumps are high quality, high-performance pumps that treat the pumped product gently. Ragazzini wine pumps have many unique features that enable gentle pumping action to protect the product. In addition, these pumps are versatile and are easy to maintain.

This video shows operators working with Ragazzini wine pumps.

Tim Webster Introduces The Ragazzini Rotho Peristaltic Pump




Tim Wester describes the Ragazzini Peristaltic Hose pump – it has a roller on bearings design, meaning the pump housing does not need to be filled with lubrication fluid, making the pump safer and easier to maintain

  • CIP or SIP
  • food and beverage
  • construction
  • water/wastewater

Ragazzini Pumping Piggery Sludge Uphill



Ragazzini Rotho MS3 pumping sludge uphill at a piggery in New South Wales.

  • Pumps thick sludge no problem
  • no contamination – everything enclosed in hoses

MS3 has a roller on bearing design, so does not need the casing to be full of lubricant. Having no moving parts in contact with the pumped media and only the hose in contact with the fluid, maintaining the pump is simple and inexpensive.

This pump can operate on suction lifts up to 8 metres and pressures to 15 bar. It is seen here pumping a thick piggery sludge, including plenty of solids.

Our expert team is standing by for any questions you have about how best to configure your pump system.

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Bathurst Regional Council Logo
Application: Wastewater
Industry: Municipal
Location: Bathurst, NSW
Year Completed: 2019

Project Showcase: Ragazzini Peristaltic Pumps Clean Up Bathurst

Reduce peristaltic pump hose maintenance time and costs.

Hose replacements and the consequential cleanup of carbon mixed with lubricating oil would take days, and the cost of the expensive lubrication fluid and hoses to replace each time.

Two Ragazzini model MSO peristaltic pumps were supplied, running continuously for up to 18-20 hours per day.

David Cashen’s expectations have been more than realised with a clean and reliable system to pump the carbon slurry and a hose life that is over 9 months.

The initial outlay has also been validated by the cost savings in downtime and clean-up time, reliability, reduced hose replacement and all-around efficiency.

Read the full case study »

Data Sheets

Download the specifications to find the perfect pump for your project:

Flow rates in litres per hour



Pump Construction





ragazzini psf2 persitaltic pump.jpg

Cast aluminium casing, carbon steel rotor, stainless steel rollers, stainless steel base frame





ragazzini peristaltic hose pumps MS range

Cast aluminium casing, cast iron rotor, cast iron rollers, stainless steel base frame



ragazzini peristaltic hose pump sf 100

Cast iron casing, cast iron rotor, cast iron rollers, stainless steel base frame



ragazzini peristaltic hose pump DF series

Cast iron casing, cast iron rotor, cast iron rollers, stainless steel base frame



ragazzini peristaltic hose pump sr1-sr2

Cast iron casing, cast iron rotor, cast iron rollers, carbon steel base frame



ragazzini peristaltic hose pump dr1-dr2

Cast iron casing, cast iron rotor, cast iron rollers, carbon steel base frame

Ready to build the perfect pump system for your project? We’re standing by to help.

Special Features and Pump Benefits

Ragazzini gentle pumping action

Gentle pumping action

The slow and gentle squeezing of the tube allows products to be pumped without damage or structure change.

No machinery or parts come into contact with the pumped fluid.

Ragazzini leak detection system

Leak Detection System

These pumps are fitted with a leak detection system that will stop the pump and send an alarm if the hose wears. This is a float type sensor that is located at the lowest point in the pump.

Roller on bearings design

Roller on bearings design

The Ragazzini Roller on Bearings design allows our pump casing to be lubricant-free. The benefits of this are

  • not as messy on hose changeover
  • no contamination of pumped fluid
  • money is saved as no lubricant needs to be purchased
  • early leak detection system can be enabled
ragazzini valveless peristaltic hose pump

Easy Maintenance

No seals or valves to replace or service, and no pumped media coming in contact with moving parts.

ragazzini roller on bearings design means no contamination

Retractable Rollers

This makes hose changes much easier, it also makes clean in place operations easier and it extends hose life.

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