A multipurpose pump in wine-making – the Ragazzini Rotho Persitaltic Hose Pump

White wine vinification

The Rotho peristaltic pump can transfer whole grape clusters without altering either the grape berries or skins. The “opening/closing” movement of the tube is static, without the grinding effect of other types of pump. The pumped product is therefore not damaged in any way.

It has been shown that 50% of healthy grape berries reach their destination unaltered and that the musts obtained have a polyphenol content 10-15% lower than with traditional systems.

In practice, undamaged grape skins reduce the quantity of lees during static decantation of the must, obtaining a product which is easy to treat during filtration, clarification, etc. and with guaranteed good keeping qualities during the subsequent phases of vinification.

ragazzini line drawing in winery
Ragazzini-wine-pump-bunches-of-grapes - the best winery pump

Red wine vinification and remontage

Some of the advantages of the Rotho peristaltic pump during this phase.

  • It ensures complete protection from oxygen, or the gas can be injected in pre-established quantities if required
  • The homogeneity of the mass is guaranteed by the delicacy of the pumping action
  • Reduced risk of attack from enzymes like oxidase and polyphenol oxidase, thanks to a reduced “solvent-emulsifying” action on the oxygen
  • Improved selection of aromatic and colouring components thanks to the delicate treatment of solid parts
  • Comparative tests confirm that the Rotho peristaltic pump limits lees residues to one third of the quantity generated by other pumping and processing systems.
ragazzini red wine line drawing in winery
ragazznin white wine

Transferring the pomace

  • The percentage of lees is very low, about one third of the normal, as the skins are not ruptured by the delicate pumping.
  • No physiological alteration of the liquid part
  • No aeration or contamination of the mass
  • The gentle trauma-free transfer of the mass preserves the fragrance of the product and allows more complete and homogeneous colour extraction.
  • The Rotho peristaltic pump can also be used to pump dried grapes without clogging, avoiding the usual problems caused by the lower quantity of liquid present.
  • Ganymede-type fermenters can be emptied without clogging, despite the presence of a large mass of grape pips on the cone-shaped bottom of the fermenter.
ragazzini transferring the pomace
Ragazzini Rotho Peristaltic Pump

Feeding the chillers

The Rotho pump optimises heat exchange, modifying the hourly flow rate according to the required temperature by means of an inverter.

The gentle pumping action prevents emulsifying of the oxygen in the fluid when low temperature causes high solubility, and prevents the extraction of unwanted substances like tannins, astringents, pectin, lignin, etc..

ragazzini feedling the chillers

Filling the barrels

Thanks to this characteristic, together with its pumping capacity, the Rotho pump can easily be used to fill and empty barrels with absolute delicacy, avoiding all trauma to the pumped wine or agitation of the sediment in the barrels.

The addition of “barrels filling guns” allows the Rotho peristaltic pump to be exploited to its full potential.

ragazzini filling the barrels

Transferring the product and feeding the bottling plant

The Rotho peristaltic pump is unique in preserving product quality during handling, and can be used all year round for routine product transfers.

In bottling plants, the Rotho peristaltic pump can be used to feed the filler delicately and in proportion to need. Inverter control regulates flow rate according to an analogue signal from the filler without sudden pressure changes, thus avoiding the need for damaging bypasses and product recirculation systems.

ragazzni transferring the product and feeding the bottling plant

Dosing additives and enzymes

The Rotho peristaltic pump can dose enzymes, bentonite, glycerin, gum arabic and sulphur dioxide with an absolute precision of .5-1%. It therefore improves performance in handling various products, guaranteeing improved operation, a longer working life and higher abrasion resistance than other types of pump.

Dosing sulphur dioxide in aqueous solution

The Rotho peristaltic pump can dose sulphur dioxide in aqueous solution with an absolute precision of .5-1%, while guaranteeing total chemical resistance to the pumped product. If pumping stops, there is no need for a return valve thanks to the total seal of the propelling roller on the tube.

Must and Lees and whole grape  and grape bunch pumping with a Ragazzini peristaltic pump offers a delicate pumping action with a range of features including CIP capabilities, early leak detection [to minimise product loss], and pump casings without lubricant [to minimise contamination]. Ragazzini peristaltic pumps offer a slow and gentle pumping action to handle shear sensitive and delicate fluids, making them ideal for the wine industry.

The Rotho peristaltic pump does not damage the grapes, skins, or seeds, during pumping. Comparative tests have shown that more than 50% of the whole berries being pumped pass through the ROTHO pumps totally intact and without damage.

When pumping white whole berries, crushed berries or whole clusters with the Rotho system there is a 10-15% lower polyphenol content than with traditional systems.

Wine pumping accessories enable pumping of whole berries and grape bunches, remote operation and easy hose changes.

By adding a screw feeder with variable speed control, operators can transport whole berries and whole bunches gently, preserving the integrity of the fruit.

By adding a remote control with flow reverse, operators can transport grape skins after the fermentation process. No longer a two-person operation.

By adding an automatic or manual roller release system, hose changes can be accomplished in much less time. Also, this system can take the pressure off the hose when the pump is not in use to extend the life of the hose.


Wastewater pumping with Gorman-Rupp self priming centrifugal pumps. Capable of priming to depths of 7.6m, Gorman-Rupp pumps are the safest for operators and a low maintenance alternative compared to other pumping types. No issues with grape stalks, gloves or anything else that finds its way into wastewater pits. Large solids handling capability and a large removable cover plate to allow access to pump internals, gives operators peace of mind.

Gorman-Rupp Ultra V Wastewater Pump

Aerating Lagoons  can be more cost effective by using Venturi-Aeration units. Mounting them on lagoon banks reduces installation costs, while producing dissolved oxygen at equal to or better than other kinetic aeration technologies. WHS issues are also greatly reduced, having a positive impact on morale and costs.

A venturi-aerator is bank mounted and much easier to access

Grey water pump with Gorman-Rupp self-priming Super U Series pumps. They are high head, so suitable for pumping long distances or for irrigation systems.


Efficient Hot and cold water pumping with EDUR centrifugal pumps. With temperature ranges from -40OC to 140OC, EDUR single stage or multi-stage pumps are ideal for heavy duty applications.

EDUR DAF multiphase pump reduces capital and energy costs

Waste sludge and slurries can be pumped effectively with Ramparts air driven diaphragm pumps. Only three wetted moving parts and an “indestructible” pump body make for a cost effective life cycle.


Lampo Emergency Response units are trailer mounted multi-purpose machines designed to speed up and simplify the deployment of emergency response equipment for municipalities, emergency services and contractors,  using only one vehicle.


RAGAZZINI Hose Pump for Wine – Overview

When you started in the wine industry, you believed in perfection. Don’t just dream of returning to your values and creating premium product. Providing connection and appreciation is what you do. Simplify the process and use gentle and versatile equipment – ragazzini hose pumps can help you every step of the way.

Watch the video below to see just one of the jobs the ragazzini hose pumps can help you with when creating your next vintage. Just one ragazzini hose pump can be used for multiple purposes in your vineyard.

Ragazzini Wine Video Transcript:

Here we have a Ragazzini Rotho twin hose peristaltic pump. It is seen here emptying red wine tanks.

This pump has been equipped with all of the features to transport wine products more gently than any other system. It has a roller on bearing design, so does not need the casing to be filled with lubricant – greatly reducing the chances of contamination.

It has a frequency inverter to speed the pump up or slow it down. It also has a twin feed screw to feed the twin hoses of the pump.

Winemakers wanting to maintain the integrity of the fruit will appreciate the delicate Rotho treatment of the product without crushing or tearing the stems, skins or seeds.

Whether transferring grape bunches, whole berries, red fermented grape skins, or pumping over, the versatile Ragazzini Rotho delivers without any change to the liquids or solids being pumped, and without aeration or contamination.

Here the DF 215 TAB can be seen pumping berries with little liquid. Winemakers will get the added benefit of the reduction of the percentage of LEES produced by up to 30% with Rotho pumps compared to more aggressive transfer systems.


The pump is equipped with pulsation dampeners to produce a more laminar discharge flow, and a wheel kit to make it portable. With its inverter with a 10:1 turn-down ratio, operators have complete control of how quickly or slowly they move their products [1:38]


An optional radio control will also allow operators to be doing one job and still have full control over the speed of the pump. Here the pump can be seen speeding up to handle the additional inflow.


A leak detector is standard on all pumps, as is the quality of the build that is put into every Ragazzini Rotho wine pump since Ragazzini started building them more than 60 years ago.